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Recently, Chicago Lawyer did a story on an $11 million personal injury case that Mr. Becker was involved with in 2010.


Mr. Becker won a 7th Circuit appeal in the case of Follett Higher Education Group, Inc. v. Berman (In re Berman), No. 1:09-cv-03377 (7th Cir. January 21, 2011); 629 F.3d 761 This case has been cited several times across the country on the topic of bankruptcy discharge and Section 523 of the BK code. While this does not translate directly in to personal injury, it did involve a trial and two levels of appeal in the Federal Courts including the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The case was not a big money maker for Mr. Becker, however it is so far the pinnacle of his appellate advocacy to date. Searching for the name to case in a search engine brings up at least a dozen legal web sites have either done summaries or articles on the case.

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